About LNK

LNK provides effective solutions for state-of-the art design and engineering of information processing systems, using current methods of Computer Science and Engineering.

Our mission at LNK is to design, develop, market, sell, and implement leading-edge technology, software and services for information and training systems. Toward that goal, the design team at LNK focuses on customer service and satisfaction, transfer of public and privately funded research to flexible, reusable commercial products, and furtherance of cutting edge research within both the public and private sectors. LNK creates innovative solutions to technical problems with an eye toward reuse for cost-effectiveness. LNK's development team applies a high level of expertise to solve technical hurdles and interact with the design team for efficient and cost effective solutions to customer needs.

LNK was founded in 1968 by Laveen N. Kanal, professor Emeritus of Computer Sciences at the University of Maryland, College Park. Our facilities are located in suburban Washington, DC.

Our customers include NASA, Department of Defense, NOAA, and other federal agencies as well as private commercial organizations. We have an impressive list of achievements over the last 30 years.

The LNK team of research scientists, software developers, and information technology specialists has made LNK a leader in digital cartography, synthetic environments/virtual reality, distributed simulations and systems/subsystems design and development for the analysis, compression, enhancement, mapping, modeling, recognition, simulation, visualization, archiving and retrieval of 2D and 3D static and dynamic images from multiple sensors and sources and large, heterogeneous databases. LNK offers full service commitment and middleware support to clients in sales, support, consulting, training and application development of various commercially available software products.